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Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Fair



We don’t ask that she defeat our opponents, we will do all the work

We don’t ask that she lift us up, we will support each other

All we ask, all that we ever ask, is that she watch, that she observe

and if we are worthy, that she choose us

-Radnor Ultimate Frisbee Poem by 2011 Season Team

The Radnor Ultimate Frisbee(RUF) Club was founded in the fall of 2006 by Brett Schlesinger ’09 and his mother Dr. Susan Schlesinger. The Club is currently run by parents, coaches and players, and headed by a parent board. Read FOUNDER'S MESSAGE.


Players of any athletic level will enjoy Ultimate. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  Every player at any level gets ample opportunity to play in games and tournaments. But RUF is still a very competitive team with a history of strong TOURNAMENT STANDINGS.


Generally, Radnor Ultimate has both boys' and girls' Varsity and Junior Varsity teams for games and tournaments. The boys' and girls' teams principally practice and play separately, but at times co-ed practices and games are held. 

RUF plays both Fall and Spring seasons. Players can play either or both. Players also self-organize pickup games throughout the summer. 


Fall season starts with a weeklong pre-season bootcamp the 3rd or 4th week of August. Practices usually start the first Wednesday of the week school starts. Fall practices are usually held at Dittmar Fields after school. 


Spring season runs March through the end of May with practices are at RHS after school. There are usually three to four practices each week during the season. 


RUF holds both a Fall and a Spring end-of-season banquet to celebrate the players' accomplishments. 


Each season, each team will play about half a dozen games with other schools and participate in 3-4 tournaments (JV plays 1-2 tournaments). These will be posted under SCHEDULES.

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