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Radnor Ultimate Frisbee is a parent-run, self-supporting club. Volunteer support is critical to the successful function of the teams whether that's logistics, fundraising, or generating new ideas to grow athlete participation. Please consider joining the Board or supporting various committees or event planning throughout the year. Any amount of time is greatly appreciated and needed. More info to come throughout the year!

Radnor Ultimate Frisbee Board 2023-2024 school year

President - Kristen and  Dave Schrader

Vice-President - Erick Westby and Carla Portocarrero

Treasurer/ Forms - Kristen Schrader

Girls Team Reps - Greta Garcia and Paula Peyrani

Middle School Incubator Program - Doug and Susi Bruhns

Public Relations/ Fundraising - 

Field Coordinator - Susi Bruhns

Committee Chairs - 

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