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In preparation for traveling to compete and have a great time at tournaments, we ask that each player and parent read this carefully and understand the responsibility of each player on the trips.  No player will be permitted to travel with the club until this form is signed by both parent and player and turned in.

As a trip sponsored by the RHS Ultimate Frisbee Club, all rules and regulations of Radnor Township School District are in effect.  Coaches and parent chaperones will monitor and enforce these rules.  Any infraction will be handled at the time by the adults on the trip and followed up by the RHS administration if necessary.


Proper hotel behavior must be maintained at all times.  Rude, discourteous behavior or any actions that causes excessive noise or disruptions will not be tolerated at any time. This is especially important to keep in mind in the common pool area, dining room and hallways.  This is a hotel filled with other guests (some may be seniors and babies) we must be respectful of. Adhere to lights out time set by your coach. If a player(s) causes other player(s) to cause any such disruptions, both players involved will bear the responsibility. Please clean up after using the common dining areas.


There is ZERO TOLERANCE for any player who brings or uses tobacco, alcohol or drugs on this trip.  Any player found in possession of or using these substances will be expelled PERMANENTLY from the club immediately.  Parents will be notified and are required to immediately travel to pick up their player at their own expense.  School administration will also be notified.  Substances and paraphernalia found will be confiscated.


The team will be traveling between RHS, the fields, dinners, other tournament events and the hotel throughout the weekend.  Players will be assigned to a vehicle and driver for the weekend.  It is important that players travel with their assigned driver, always be on time, and notify their driver directly (not the other players in the vehicle) of any changes.


It is the player’s responsibility to pack the official uniform (black uniform shorts, black and white jerseys) and cleats; and also their own medication and sunscreen. Please inform coaches and chaperones of any critical medical conditions for them to be aware of.


Coaches and chaperones will be treated with respect.  Players are expected to follow instructions from coaches and chaperones without hesitation.  If a player has any problems or concerns while on the trip, he/she should speak to the coaches or chaperones for assistance.


Our goal is to compete as a team at our highest level, have fun and to represent the RHS Ultimate Frisbee Club in the best manner.  It is imperative that all players understand and abide by these rules.


By paying for your tournament, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Expected Conduct.

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